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Contact: Philip and Marlene Allen, (802) 775-7900  

For immediate release: February 26, 2018


Same Sun of Vermont, Vermont’s premiere solar design and installation company has moved from 24 Center Street to 141 West Street in Rutland.


Before Renovation

An Inconvenient Truth - Ten Years Later



Back to the Future Part II

Please join us at The Paramount Theatre on October 21st as we conclude our film series:


Powered by the SUN Film Series

Please join us at The Paramount Theatre for our four-part sun-related film series in celebration of the new solar array at the theatre. A short documentary about the solar project will be shown before each film.

Same Sun Solar Societies

"Society Happens When Like-Minded People Join Together"

During our time in business, we've had the pleasure of installing solar on scores of Vermont residences and business. We've also come across many, many situations where someone wanted to go solar, but did not have a viable roof and could not, or did not want to use their grounds.  

April 21st: Solar Society event at the Paramount

We hope you can join us for this fun and informative event!  RSVPs are requested.  Please register here if you can attend.  

Understanding your Green Mountain Power Bill

We get SO many calls from our customers asking for help understanding their bills, and convincing them that they are getting credited properly for their production.  They are confusing and makes use of poor terminology that makes it seem like it is contradicting itself and therefore not measuring, or crediting, the solar production correctly.  To this end, we sat down with customer service representatives from Green Mountain Power, and prepared this graphic to help folks figure it out.  

New in 2015: Solar Societies

A Solar Society

A society happens when like-minded people join together.
We join together to create clean solar power.


Joining a Same Sun Solar Society, you will receive:

How can Daylight save you Money?

The leaves have turned and the clock is falling back.  Before the year runs out, call to find out how you can turn Daylight into Savings, and how a Penny can be worth $1,000! 

Take advantage of our special deal, from now through December, to  commit to a solar installation in the Spring of 2015.  By acting now, you can still reserve State Incentive Funds, and our offer will offset the changing solar tariff. 

There will not be a better time to act.  Site visits, normally $150, will be free for anyone that mentions this program.

Go Solar and Spring into Savings!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Khanti Munro joins Same Sun

News Release

Contact: Philip and Marlene Allen, (802) 775-7900  

For immediate release: August 29, 2014


Khanti Munro joins Same Sun


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