Solar Power Company Opens in Rutland, Mountain Times Oct 6-12

Article from the Mountain Times, October 6-12 Issue. Text of the article follows:

Solar Power Company Opens in Rutland

Same Sun of Vermont recently announced the opening of its newest location in Downtown Rutland. Same Sun, founded by Rutland Town residents Philip and Marlene Allen, sells and installs solar power systems for homes and small businesses. The company exclusively uses American-made products and the Allens are pleased to be creating jobs right here in Vermont.

Same Sun makes an effort to increase public awareness of solar technology, its community benefits and energy cost savings. A solar installation will provide at least 30 years of electricity at a cost equalling only 12 years of of your current electric bill. This means you receive 18 years of free, clean electrical power.

Other financial benefits can include a tax credit equaling 30% of the installation cost and a substantial cash rebate based on the size of your system.

Owner Philip Allen says, "we've launched our company at a time when the cost has never been lower, and the technology has never been better. In addition, there is now an unprecedented set of financial benefits including the Federal Tex Credit, State Cash Rebate, and Net-Metering Bonus."

Mr. Allen goes on to say, "All systems we design are net-metered, grid-tied, use no batteries and require no maintenance. Solar powe systems have always been the right thing environmentally, and now they are the smart thing financially."

Same Sun of Vermont is located at 24 Center Street in downtown Rutland, five doors down from the historic Paramount Theater.